Introducing the Open Innovations Data Leaders

At Open Innovations we get to meet incredible people who are passionate about what they do AND they support what we do - they attend our events, join in on our open innovation projects, and even challenge us to go further with our ideas. If only we could get their input on a regular basis…

We are thrilled to announce that five such brilliant people will be joining our team this summer. They will take up the role of 'Data Leader' within their sector specialism, covering transport, health, the economy and data science. They join Michelle Brook, who has been our Data Leader for Climate Emergency and Net Zero work since 2021.

This team expansion represents a big investment in the capacity & capability of Open Innovations and the kind / scope of projects that we can approach in the future. Our projects will benefit from their unique perspectives and experiences, bringing a greater UK-wide and international context.

  • Marc Farr
  • Gareth Dennis
  • Beate Kubitz
  • Christian Spence
  • Henri Egle Sorotos

Our new Data Leaders are:

Marc Farr - Health Data - Marc helped us to establish Open Data Saves Lives, he’s based in Kent and is Chief Analytics Officer at Kent CCG a founder of Beautiful Information, which he worked for up until the start of this year. He will help us springboard our work across health & social care. Marc will be using this platform to move at pace to support his personal passion and our ongoing work on addressing health inequality.

Gareth Dennis & Beate Kubitz - Transport Data - Gareth and Beate will be working with us to amplify our transport work, provide a European context and re-invigorate our Open Transport North website, connecting it to Gareth's rail natter podcast and Permanent Rail website.

Christian Spence - Economy & Productivity - Christian joins us from Manchester Metropolitan University and will be providing additional capability to our existing economics & productivity practice, he will amplify our Economics Data Practice initially focussing on our Leveling up and North England economic ambition themes.

Henri Egle Sorotos - will be working with us across our data practice. We first met Henri when he worked at Tech Nation, creating their first (and last) Tech Nation report that was open and on the web. He is currently working with graph databases at Beamery, and will be supporting us with our data science capability.

This is an important phase of growth for Open Innovations as we focus on the themes that our sponsors have told us are crucial and as we adapt to the ways people and organisations are working together in the post-pandemic world.

We know that you will all welcome them to the Open Innovations community doing mission led work and as always make what we do fun.