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Leeds City Centre Footfall Data - A Quick Update

There are several cameras located in different parts of Leeds city centre that are used to monitor the number of people walking past. Leeds City Council publish footfall data generated by these cameras on Data Mill North.

In 2020, Stuart Lowe and Patrick Lake built a tool to visualise the data. The tool required a script to process the data into a more efficient format. Due to complications arising from this, and numerous changes to how the original data was published, the tool only contained data from 2016 onwards.

With a few minor changes to the processing script I managed to obtain processed footfall data going back to 2007 and 2008. I also managed to fill various gaps in the data as well as obtain data for new cameras and historic data for cameras that are no longer active.

We will be publishing some further analysis soon, however in the meantime you can access the processed data on Data Mill North or our Github repo.