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A hackathon to explore air quality and data

#AirHack2 is the follow-up event to the successful #AirHack hackathon back in 2017. As part of #PlanetData3 and Leeds Digital Festival 2020, we're hosting #AirHack 2 from 14:00 on 1 October where people can share what they have discovered or made with with #AirHack2 data.

We launched #AirHack2 with a live stream here between 12:00 - 12:30 GMT on . Teams and individuals will have until the to look at the data and produce analysis, tools, visualisations, or something more creative.

For more context about the data so far, you can read the summary from the warm-up event in July 2020 with Bradford Metropolitan District Council and the University of Bradford to start conversations, find out where people are with air quality and community health projects, and more.

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1 October 2020
Join us for #AirHack2 round-up event in October. There will be lightning talks from Bradford Council, Bradford University, the partners at the SCORE Project, and from ODI Leeds followed by a showcase of projects, tools, and visualisations created with air quality data.

About #AirHack

In early 2017, we hosted the first #AirHack event in response to the startling headlines about air quality, where some cities were exceeding their yearly targets within the first few weeks of the year. An early warning sign of the Climate Emergency that was unfolding, we had to respond. So we brought together several of our sponsors and other passionate organisations to host a 2-day hackathon to explore air quality and data. It was an opportunity to test the accessibility and usability of air quality data available at the time.

A lot has happened since 2017. More organisations are realising the benefits of releasing open data and personal air quality sensors are becoming more mainstream, allowing citizens to monitor it in their local context. It is precisely because more people are aware of the climate and the effects of air quality that we are planning a follow-up event. This builds on the work started with #PlanetData - a climate-focused event that we first hosted in November 2019, with its own follow-up event in April 2020. Innovating with data to help respond to critical challenges in the environment is a core theme that has emerged in our work, so we developed it further in our open strategy for the years ahead.

#AirHack2 is part of #PlanetData3. A registration to either event gives you access to both.


1 October 2020
10:00-12:30 BST
Online event

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We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the partners who have helped make #AirHack2 possible. They are passionate about tackling issues surrounding air quality, and this is their commitment towards finding new solutions for cleaner air in future generations. This kind of innovation would not be possible without them.

  • Bradford Council
  • University of Bradford