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Hack for Impact: Yorkshire

Graphic © Amy Evans at ODI Leeds

Hack for Impact: Yorkshire is our next hackathon. The concept of a 'data dashboard' for Yorkshire has been bouncing around our events and conversations for a while now, and we have already either worked on or seen smaller projects that examine specific topics such as the gender pay gap, innovation hubs, productivity and transport, etc. Understanding a whole region is a tricky task - where do you even start? The good news is that we're not alone in our questioning.

Yorkshire Water, one of our sponsors, has been developing new methods and techniques for evaluating their own value and impact. They wanted to look beyond just financial measurements as this doesn't include the often invisible and intangible effects of their operations. Based on the methods and data (accessible in the resources below) that Yorkshire Water have started to develop, and using other datasets/projects suggested by fine data folk, is it possible to build a visual understanding of the whole of Yorkshire in terms of impact and value? This is what we want people to explore during Hack for Impact: Yorkshire.