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#HighwaysHack running order

Day 1: Friday 21st October (Arrive from 9.15 Start 10.00)


This is where we will open up the conversation and share our perspectives and contexts.

We'll introduce everyone and introduce us all to the data.

  • What are the key challenges?
  • What potential solutions do we already have?
  • What data have we got?
  • What data do we need?
  • What skills have we got?
  • What skills do we need?

By the end of the morning session we'd like to have some idea of our priority challenges, solutions we'd like to build or improve, and have teams starting to take shape.

This will be led by Paul Connell, Tom Forth & Chris Barnes.

1.00pmLunch. With lightning talks, it'll be a Yorkshire Fayre Feast.
2.00pmShout-outs, teams, products, solutions, who needs help? Start building.
4.30pmCatch up - need help? What have you got so far? Need to reshuffle your working teams? What's happening on Saturday
Optional: pay your own way drinks at The Wardrobe till late.

Day 2: Saturday 22nd October (Arrive 9.30ish Start 10.00)

Build. Test. Finish. Change the world (hopefully, maybe not right away but y'know)

10:00am onwardsShare your progress (lightning presentations). Who needs help? Build your things. Test. Check in with the group - tell us all where you are and where you hope to get to
1.00pmYorkshire Fayre Feast. Final calls for help
2:00pm onwardsBuilding. Testing. Sharing