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#TravelHack2 - Fare Enough

TravelHack illustration TfN Logo

Transport for the North has an ambition to create a world class data ecosystem around its Integrated and Smart Travel programme so that it can enable world class digital products for its users and customers. It therefore needs to initiate meaningful engagement with the community of open data users in the North.

After the success of #TravelHack - where more than 80 people turned out to help write the foundation data strategy that could build a new transport system for the North - we're hosting a second event. #TravelHack2 - Fare Enough on 10 October at ODI Leeds.Building on one of the challenges identified at #TravelHack, this event will focus on fares data and the presentation of that data to customers. There is a huge amount of potential to be unlock in the North but is often held back by an intimidating transport system made up of fare boundaries and confusing ticket types. How can we help people find the best fares for their journey based on fares data?