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Data Ethics

At Open Innovations, we believe that open data can change the world and to ensure it changes the world for the better, it needs to be used ethically. But as more and more data is created and we become more dependent on it, ethical behaviour becomes increasingly complex.

There is lots of talk on the web trying to answer this question - lengthy, complicated legislation and uninspired ramblings about the importance of ethics take centre stage - but is anyone actually doing anything?

What we need to know is how legislation is used in practice and what dedication to ethical practices looks like in real life. That’s why this project explores the tools and techniques that are used to identify and mitigate unethical behaviour.

The outputs of our exploration, including resource collections, outstanding tools and talks, and our blog posts will be showcased right here on our Data Ethics project page. All of this is still work in progress, so stop by again in a while to check in on our progress. And if you’ve got a passion for data ethics and want to get involved don’t hesitate to reach out to