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Levelling Up - Introduction & Importance of good data


Stian Westlake

I'm an expert on innovation and technology policy.

I serve as the Chief Executive of the Royal Statistical Society. We are the learned society for statistics, a professional body for statisticians and data scientists, and a charity that promotes statistics, data and evidence for the public good.

I am co-author of "Capitalism Without Capital", a critically acclaimed book on intangible investment, and of "Tomorrow, Interrupted", a book on what has gone wrong with the modern economy and how to fix it.

In the past, I served as adviser to three British ministers for science, innovation, research and higher education. Before that, I led a 50-person policy and research team at Nesta, the UK's national foundation for innovation. Earlier in my career, I worked as a strategy consultant (specialising in healthcare, technology, and corporate and infrastructure finance), and more briefly made and managed investments for a social venture fund and worked as a policy adviser at HM Treasury.