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This page was archived on 2020-01-01 and is no longer maintained.

Things Leeds & Bradford

At ODI Leeds we are working to create open, low-powered, Things Network access across Bradford and Leeds. Together with our friends at Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council, Things Manchester, Things Calderdale, Things Oldham, Things Liverpool, Things Lancaster, Things York, and Things Newcastle-Upon-Tyne we're creating free internet-of-things access across the north of England. Anyone with a low-powered, LoRaWAN-enabled, sensor will be able to automatically send their measurements over the network if they are within range of a gateway. It is like free Wifi for sensors. We've already got a sensor measuring temperature and light in our workspace and a button that counts our hot drink consumption. You can get involved too.


At the moment we have one internal Things Network gateway at Munro House in Leeds, an external gateway at Wrose, and an external gateway at Margaret McMillan Tower in Bradford. We have another external and two internal gateways ready to install. Using a LoRaWAN field test device, we are starting to map the coverage of the network. Below is a heatmap made by binning signal-to-noise ratios into longitude/latitude bins. It doesn't show the full-extent of coverage; that will need us to do a lot more walking about with the field test device.