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Innovation & consultancy


Innovation is at core of what we do. We are based at our specifically designed 2500 sq ft innovation space on the top floor of Munro House in the centre of Leeds. Together, we work with colleagues, sponsors, the Open Innovations challenge team and clients in the open every day.

The way we work is to collaborate widely to understand what question needs to be asked and then work through our innovation pathways to develop, an approach, a product or a prototype that helps us to answer that question.

Collaboration can be hard, and doing that in the open needs to be convened and supported. Our independent, non-aligned & not for profit status allows us to operate as a neutral party and work with the widest range of collaborators. In effect we become a safe place for different perspectives to be explored and innovation to happen. We become an attractor that can amplify innovation.

Innovation requires 'starvation', pressure and a different perspective. Without starvation (of resources e.g. cash, time, market-share) there is no incentive to change or innovate. Without pressure, the incentive to act can be put off until tomorrow with no observable adverse consequences. Finally, the different perspective is needed to see the opportunities that exist (source: David Snowden Cognitive Edge).

Since we have opened in May 2014 we have successfully worked with businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes from the largest corporate entities and public sector bodies to start up and micro businesses to bring these perspectives to bear on the challenges that we and our partners face.

Our innovation practice is led by Paul Connell - who is the founder of Open Innovations and a Cognitive Edge Accredited practitioner.

Do you have a project or problem that could benefit from our innovation pathway - email Paul


Open Innovations provides project support and advisory services for businesses and organisations that are working with data across the spectrum of:

  • Publishing
  • Managing
  • Storytelling
  • Analysis
  • Business
  • Leadership

If you would like to commission a project, email Paul Connell.