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#PlanetData 2019

PlanetData - working together to take action against the climate crisis.

Part of ODI Leeds' mission, right from its inception, has been to focus upon the massive challenges that face us all. Climate emergency is one of those challenges and something that we are passionate about. You can see below links to and assets created by our work over the last 5 and a half years. This November we are accelerating our work in this domain with our sponsors, partners, and also an open invite for anyone else to join in with #PlanetData. This is all about doing and action so please join in.

At ODI Leeds, we are 'radically open.' #PlanetData will help you and your organisations to work in the open, share your data and your work, let others reach in and help improve the overall outcome. This is participation without permissions and removing the barriers to entry. We've seen the benefits to this approach and it has become a core aspect of everything we do. Now imagine that we apply this to the challenge of the climate crisis. There are lots of people working on various projects right now but perhaps don't have access to data - it either doesn't exist yet or isn't being shared.

#PlanetData is our call to action. We want to bring people together who want to collaborate with others and get things done. We also urge everyone to publish their data openly.

Join us for a #PlanetData 'open house' at ODI Leeds, Munro House. Drop-in for the morning or afternoon or stay for the whole day, you will be in good company and will find someone to talk to about your project. The aim is to connect as many people as possible to work collaboratively, which will amplify the work already being done.

Talks From The Day

Amazing Work Out There

Our Projects


Below is a list of all of the people and organisations that we're working with or who support us to host #PlanetData, and also support our data projects and work in the realm of climate change. If you want to be involved as a collaborator, get in touch!