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Virtual events - Live@OpenInnovations

The future of events has been altered forever. Now, more than ever before, there is a need for a virtual or hybrid element to any physical event. Open Innovations have developed a bespoke virtual platform and production process to help you take your requirements online and reach more people in a sustainable way.

A virtual or online event has always been a nice way to complement physical events with additional content and insight, but it has stepped in to the spotlight in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, reaching new and larger audiences and helping to keep teams connected and engaged. The range of options, software and platforms for hosting online meetings and events can be daunting. Let us help take the stress and technical difficulties out of the way for you. Our team have taken their experience of designing and hosting innovative and diverse events in our innovation space and applied it to the emerging world of online events.

Why Open Innovations?

Open Innovations is different from the typical events company. We are not selling a platform, software or an event planning service - we just help people take their events online.

We offer the complete package to make it easy for you:

Our process

First we listen to you and find out what you need - not everyone needs a huge online conference package for an internal workshop, and sometimes a Zoom meeting just isn't polished enough to make impact. We have different options to suit different needs and the first step is a free consultation to find out what that is.
Then once we have a good idea we can start to build your bespoke production. This could involve a hub page, branding, digital assets, speakers information, virtual chat room. Using these we will create your broadcast event - intro slides, auditorium for talks, musical interludes, captioning, a start and a finish and any live interactive segments. We will produce and edit these elements together into one seamless broadcast.

We will work with you through every step, engaging with your speakers to help them professionally record, providing superfast wifi and stature of the art technical kit, guiding you through interactive tools to help engage your audience - chat rooms, virtual whitewalls, polling booths and most importantly having a technical rehearsal before the live event to put everyone at ease and so that the speakers and team know what to expect. On the day itself we will be there throughout to run the operation and begin the analysis of how many people viewed and got involved.

We can help with everything involved in a virtual event production from branding, production ,editing, pre-records, interviews to just helping you to live stream a talk or record and publish a zoom conversation. Our aim is to support you along the way, with simple explanations, flexible solutions, technical expertise and innovative elements so that you can communicate with your audience successfully.

Our Promise

Get in touch

Planning your virtual event is only a phone call or an email away. We are a friendly lot and happy to discuss what you want to achieve with your event, whether that is 'translating' a physical event to a virtual one or being ambitious with your plans.

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