New Year Newsletter

'Goodbye' 2021 and 'Hello' 2022!

We hope that you all have had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are really looking forward to 2022 - already we have news, projects and events for you all to join in with to share & learn from this year - please do get involved the more we work together the better it is.

A new addition to the team! We are delighted to introduce a new colleague, Tazmin Chiles. Tazmin has a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Neuroscience (Int) from the University of Leeds and has joined the team to get involved in our data & innovation projects, to aid with project account management. In Tazmin's free time you can often find her at a gig enjoying a craft beer or on a long hike. If you would like to get in touch with Tazmin, you can send an email here.

Levelling Up with Open Data

In 2022 we continue with our topical project - Levelling Up with Open Data. Open Innovations together with the Royal Statistical Society are leading on a project to explore 'levelling up' from a Northern perspective. We are inviting discussion and suggestions with the aim to develop a prototype visualisation with open data at its foundation. We launched this project on 8th December 2021 with a hugely attended kick off interactive live event where we showcased speakers including leading economist Andy Haldane - if you missed this, click here to view the talks. We would now like to invite you to join us for the second stage of this project; an online collaborative working session on the 19th January 2022 at 12PM. Please bring your resources, share work, test things, etc. We want your contributions to the concept of 'levelling up' and what data you think demonstrates it best. The third stage of the project will be a 'show and tell' on 16th February 2022 12PM, where the prototype visualisation will be showcased alongside talks about its development, the datasets used and why, and how people can still get involved in making it better. Free tickets are available for both sessions now, please sign up and be ready to bring your contributions and opinions.

Levelling Up graphic

Open Data Collaboration Group

We began this a couple of years ago on the request of our sponsors - the next event we have for you will take place 26th January 2022 at 12 PM. For those of you who might not have attended one of our previous meetings; this is an informal space for our sponsors and community to share their problems in the hope of finding solutions, whilst also being ready to share their own methods and techniques to help others. Over time, the group has grown to include some non-sponsor organisations who are enthusiastic and also want to contribute to ideas that could benefit them all. If you would like to attend the meeting in January, have any topics you wish to raise then please email

Powered Up

Powered Up sessions - these events have the climate emergency in mind and look to make better use of open data to help reduce carbon emissions and support a shift towards net-zero. Our next online discussion will take place on 27th January 2022 and will be focusing on retrofitting, what came out of our latest Planet Data sessions and asking for your help to shape the agenda for 2022. This online series is free and open to all and we would love to see you there, sign up here. Please do get in touch and let us know if you would like to talk about the work you or your organisation are doing!

Open Data Saves Lives

We have some big #OpenDataSavesLives news - we now have three sponsors! TPP, SCW, and the Health Foundation are now sponsoring the collaborative event series which focuses on open innovation in health and social care. We would like to thank our sponsors as without them, we wouldn't be able to grow and continue to make a difference openly. Our next event will take place on the 9th February 2022 at 12 PM for a session on Coronavirus Dashboards, where we will be joined by Pouria Hadjibagheri and Clare Griffiths from Public Health England. Sign up and join in!

Diversity Dashboard

We'd like to share with you some of the progress we have made with our Diversity Dashboard for Leeds. Since September 2020 we have been collaborating with Yorkshire Water on a diversity data project. At the Leeds Anchors Network roundtable, a Diversity Dashboard for Leeds was proposed, with some of the largest organisations in Leeds committing to sharing their data. We then kick-started the project by hosting a diversity data special for the Open Data Collaboration Group, looking to get more insight about the data quality and what might be involved in making a data standard. From there, we started asking the Open Data Collaboration Group for their datasets about diversity so that the team at Open Innovations could start to examine and work with it. We have now built a Diversity Dashboard for Leeds featuring data from six organisations - thank you to those who have contributed and shared their data openly with us! To find out more on the work we have done, check out our Head of Delivery Giles Dring's blog - Announcing the Diversity Dashboard. If your organisation would be keen to get involved, please do drop us an email.

Collaborative Workspace

If you're tired of working from home and need a space to let the brain waves flow, our innovation workspace is open and operating alongside government guidelines. Our unique industrial loft in the heart of Leeds comes fully equipped to cater for your every need - from floor to ceiling wipeable whitewalls to super fast WIFI and inspiring surrounding city views. To find out more information on our different spaces, take a look at our website and our safe space guidelines to see how we are continuing to make everyone feel as safe and comfortable as possible. As a not for profit independent organisation, using our space will help fund our projects which are helping to improve people's lives e.g. #OpenDataSavesLives, #PlanetData and #DiversityData.

At Open Innovations we are always here to aid and support any bids, events or other projects you are working on. If there is any work that you need a helping hand with, please do not hesitate to seek our assistance. Likewise, if you have any new projects in mind that you would like to collaborate on together, we would love to hear more! Let's make 2022 the most inspiring and innovative year yet.